after me, the deluge (iamsab) wrote in xf2orbust,
after me, the deluge

maybe someone else got to come punch up the script. maybe Duchovny!

Y'know, I tell you whut.

If we were to even get the long, long awaited "I love you," (pref coupled with some actual facial expressions, nobody unconscious, and -- be still my heart -- a bit of surrounding conversation on the topic -- you know, all the stuff we never got on the show) -- I might in fact survive the summer without egging Chris Carter's house or taking out a full-page ad in Variety that reads: CHRIS CARTER, YOU BROKE MY HEART FOR THE LAST TIME...

It's the willful omission of any significant relationship dialogue between Mulder and Scully which made the baby/consummation/test tube whatever, so deeply unsatisfying. Largely because, through out the show, there are dozens -- hundreds! -- of scenes where any real people would actually have conversations about their relationship, like human beings, and dozens of scenes where an "I love you" or an "you're the reason I do all this," would not be amiss. But the fact that they are conspicuously not, in nine years of the show, stops being about subtlety and a "love deeper than sex" or whatever, and starts just being insulting, like we're not seeing the show we signed up for.
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