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From one of the interviews that frey_at_last posted below:

Q: Do you think the Mulder and Scully relationship here outweighs the scary plot that's being promised?

Gillian Anderson: I think what is remarkable - and still find it remarkable today after working with other actors - just what kind of energy there is. It just happens, it's weird. It's cool now once I've seen things in the past and wondered, Where the f**k did that come from? It's still there and of course it's going to be appealing to people. And I now see what the appeal is. In the old days, I was like, Yeah, so what? We get along? Yeah, there's chemistry. I was just using that word. Now I see there really was, and there still is and I think it will always be there.


The phrase "I think it will always be there" was just a cold knife, right through the heart. This is supposed to be, ahem, vague chemistry? VAGUE?

Man I hope this nausea goes away soon...


And while we're at it, (thanks again to frey_at_last), Duchovny says:

Q: There was some exhaustion on the fanbase's behalf as the series entered its final seasons, do you think the film will lure them back?

David Duchovny: I don't know. You know there were nine years of one-hours. I can't think of another show that did that with the same cast, although I wasn't in most of the ninth year. You look at any drama, any long-running drama, and they don't run that long normally. So, the exhaustion is mutual. [laughs] But I would think in the good will of trying to tell new stories you ultimately reach further in all directions. Probably by the seventh or eight years, the writers were forced to reach and I think there are fans who sit on that moment and wait for that sign of creative bankruptcy which has to come, naturally. A show like this is idea-driven, it's not like, Oh, we've got good jokes, you'll watch. It's not like a sitcom that can run twelve years. If they were exhausted, and they fell in love with the show for the characters and the premise, for the execution and the writing, then that's what we're back to. This is more of a story we would have told in season three or four.


Exhaustion, huh? Thanks. Thanks a lot there, David. Me, yeah, I'm just hoping for another cool story about aliens. Right. /sarcasm face
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