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xf2orbust's Journal

If Chris Carter Screws Us Over This Time...
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Emotional steeling in preparation for X-Files 2: Potential Heartbreak
If Chris Carter Screws Us Over This Time, We Are Never Speaking To Him Again. Or:

The X-Files, in many ways the greatest practical joke ever pulled on an audience. Nine seasons of buildup and one feature film -- and never once have we gotten the punchline.

If X-Files 2 is just another taunting hint at complete sexual frigidity -- if we don't get the KISS WE DESERVE, is what, not to mention the explanations we deserve, the history we deserve, and all the Mulder and Scully we signed up for close to 15 years ago when we got on this crazy train -- in the words of Lyta Alexander (B5): "I am gonna sue somebody! I don't know how, and I don't know who, but goddamnit I am gonna sue somebody!"

ETA: This community's only got one rule which is don't be an idiot. Aside from that, anything goes; start discussions, invite your friends, pimp other communities, anything you want in pursuit of our elusive goal! In other words, if you're wondering whether it's okay to post something here, just go for it! If you break rule number one, someone's bound to comment telling you you're an idiot. *g*

Hey, oh, also? There's spoilers here. Not even behind cut-tags, necessarily. Join and don't friend if you're afraid of watching them go by, but, as these Ten-Thirteen people have fooled us once (shame on you) and twice (shame on us) and then fifteen other times (shame on ALL of us!), the pre-movie spoilers have as much chance as being vague, or even outright fake, as anything else.

Plus, I think the truth will save me, Scully disgruntled fanbase! I think it'll save all of us...
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